The Ghazi Attack (2017)

17 February 2017 | 125 minutes | History | Drama

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A naval officer and his men survive for 18 days in a sunken Pakistani submarine during the Indo-Pak war.





S21- INS Rajput, led by Captain Rann Vijay Singh , Lieutenant Arjun Verma and Officer Devraj is sent on a mission in Bay Of Bengal for any hint of Pakistani activity after speculation by the intelligence agency. Rann Vijay Singh is a quick tempered captain who wants to kill the enemy at first sight. Arjun on the other hand is ordered to maintain peace and execute orders. While Devraj tries to be the peacemaker , Pakistani submarine, Ghazi is meticulously planning a large scale attack against India.

Company Credits

Studio: Matinee Entertainment, PVP Cinema
Distributed By: Dharma Productions, AA Films

Box Office

Net: Rs 20.3 Crores

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