Raees (2017)

25 January 2017 | Crime | Drama

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Set in the Gujarat of 1980s, the film follows the life of a don bootlegger, whose business is threatened by a cop, who is determined to end his empire.




Raees, gets involved in illegal liquor trade at a tender age and eventually starts his own bootlegging business. He believes that no religion is greater than your occupation-as long as nobody suffers in the process. This ‘noble’ profession is met by opposition from the IPS Cadre, Majumdar who is hellbent on ending this trade. Meanwhile, a love story blossoms between him and Aasiya, who end up getting hitched but are met with tribulations that could wipe out Raees’s entire business and probably his love life.

Company Credits

Studio: Excel Entertainment, Red Chillies Entertainment
Distributed By: Red Chillies Entertainment

Box Office

Budget: Rs 85 Crores
Net: Rs 137.51 Crores

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