Poorna (2017)

31 March 2017 | 105 minutes | Biography


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A young adivaasi girl's slaying of the Mount Everest and the conquering of her fears.



IPS officer Pravin Kumar voluntarily takes up a Public Welfare job in Telangana. He is assigned to examine the status of state schools, who grapple with high drop-out rates for girls 12-13 years of age. Here he comes across Poorna, who on the persuasion of her cousin sister, Priya is enrolled to a state run school that shelters and provides them meals. Priya is forced into marrying, but manages to convince Poorna’s parents to let her continue education. While at the new school, Poorna makes friends and in an extracurricular activity event, discovers her hidden talent of rock climbing. This talent is honed by Praveen who sends her to train and enroll for a Mt Everest camp.

Company Credits

Studio: RaayMedia, Junglee Pictures
Distributed By: PVR Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.32 Crores

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