OK Jaanu (2017)

13 January 2017 | 136 minutes | Romance | Drama

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A young couple in a live-in relationship deals with conflicting dreams that may push them apart.



Adi, a video game developer saves a complete stranger Tara , an architecture student , who was about to jump in front of train tracks in Mumbai after an argument with her boyfriend . Few days later, the two meet again at Adi’s close buddy Jenny’s wedding and they hit it off like a house on fire. In no time, they become lovers. Tara shifts to Adi’s rented room at retired High Court Justice G Shrivastava’s house. His wife Charu is a renowned classical singer. Very soon, the aged couple grows fond of the youngsters. Six months waltz by quickly and is followed by the realisation that they need to leave for Paris and Los Angeles and go their separate ways .

Company Credits

Studio: Madras Talkies, Dharma Productions
Distributed By: Fox Star Studios

Box Office

Net: Rs 23.64 Crores

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