Machine (2017)

17 March 2017 | 148 minutes | Thriller

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A love story between two racing enthusiasts and the emergence of life altering changes as their bond deepens.




Sarah is a pro racer who participates in the ‘Ultimate racer challenge’ but gets beaten by Ransh. The duo are in the same college and take no time to fall for one another. After receiving gifts from an anonymous lover, Sarah plans to meet him at a bridge. Unfortunately, her admirer Aditya is killed by a reckless driver. Sarah however, moves on and soon gets hitched with Ransh, after her dad gives her his approval. The sequence of events takes an ugly turn post marriage and many secrets are uncovered.

Company Credits

Studio: Pen India Pvt. Ltd, AD Films
Distributed By: Pen India Pvt. Ltd

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.14 Crores

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