Maatr (2017)

21 April 2017 | 113 minutes | Drama


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A wounded mother seeks vengeance after her daughter's murder.



Vidya Chauhan is a school teacher in Delhi. After her daughter Tia’s annual function, Vidya is driving home with her daughter, and takes a different route To avoid traffic . Only to be rammed by a vehicle that’s been following her Vidya and her daughter get gang raped by a group of men, led by the CM’s son, Apurva. Her daughter dies as a result and in an already strained marriage, this leads to their separation. Officer Shroff tries his best to close the matter after Vidya confesses in her statement of culprits being the CM’s son and his friends, this leads to her plotting revenge by herself.

Company Credits

Studio: CDB Musical Production, Anjum Rizvi Film Company, Manoj Adhikari Production, Pugmark Films Pvt Ltd

Box Office

Net: Rs 2.31 Crores

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