Irada (2017)

17 February 2017 | 110 minutes | Thriller | Drama

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After a mysterious bomb blast in a tycoon's factory, the state CM invites services of an NIA officer, however, things take an interesting turn when a conspiracy arises.



Ex-army man Parabjeet Walia is training his daughter Rhea for the Air Force. During her training, it is detected that she has advanced lung cancer. Set in Punjab, aka the Cancer belt of India, the film traces how industries are contaminating the water leading to one cancer case in every family. Also involved in this is the Chief Minister of state who is foxy and corrupted. After a massive blast takes place at the factory responsible for the toxic waste, NIA officer Arjun Mishra is in charge on the case. On the look out for this mysterious attacker, he comes across the harsh realities that surround power and politics.

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Net: Rs 0.85 Crores

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