Wazir (2016)

8 January 2016 | 102 minutes | Crime | Drama | Mystery

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An ATS officer and a paralyzed man indulge in a game of chess while battling their minds to grasp the other’s motives.



ATS officer Daanish Ali’s (Farhan Akhtar) perfect life is shattered when his daughter Noorie is accidentally killed in an encounter with a terrorist. When Daanish manages to botch another encounter with the same terrorist, it enrages his superiors who dismiss him from the force on the grounds of medical leave. With his reputation tarnished, Daanish is on the verge of taking his own life when fate deals him an alternative hand. He meets and befriends Noorie’s chess teacher Pandit Omkar Nath Dhar (Amitabh Bachchan). They share their grief as even Pandit has lost his daughter Nina. Nina used to teach chess to the daughter of Welfare Minister Yazaad Qureshi (Manav Kaul). While the police believe Nina slipped and fell down the steps in Qureshi’s home, Pandit believes her death wasn’t an accident. Daanish is intrigued and digs deeper into the story only to set into motion a more deadly sequence of events when Qureshi hires a vicious assassin named Wazir (Neil Nitin Mukesh) to issue a warning to them. As the two play the game of their lives, not far behind, another dangerous opponent lurks threateningly.

Company Credits

Studio: Vinod Chopra Production

Box Office

Budget: Rs 35 Crores
Net: Rs 41.02 Crores

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