Teraa Surroor (2016)

11 March 2016 | 106 minutes | Action | Romance | Thriller

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A gangster comes to the rescue of his girlfriend who is charged with possession of drugs, and must clear her name by exposing the real criminal.



Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) is a gangster who is fiercely loyal to his girlfriend, singer Tara Wadia (Farah Karimaee). He would go to great lengths to protect her. However, his notorious ways have driven her away to Dublin, Ireland, where authorities detain her after being caught with drugs. Tara calls on Raghu for help, who believes in her innocence. All arrows point to a mysterious third party who invited Tara to Dublin via Facebook— Anirudh Brahmin. He is the only likely suspect to have framed Tara. Now Raghu must locate him and clear his girlfriend’s name of the charges leveled against her.

Company Credits

Studio: HR Musik Limited
Distributed By: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.

Box Office

Budget: Rs 11 Crores
Net: Rs 14.15 Crores

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