Sanam Teri Kasam (2016)

5 February 2016 | 154 minutes | Romance


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A simple librarian seeks the help of her neighbour to glamorize her image, only to be disowned by her family and be dumped on her wedding day.


The film opens with Inder Lal Parihar (Harshvardhan Rane), who is a successful lawyer, and plays out as a flashback of his bittersweet love story. Saraswati or “Saru” (Mawra Hocane) is a simple, young librarian who cannot find love owing to her plainness. Her sister on the other hand is beautiful and has a doting fiancé, but she must wait for Saru to get married first before she can tie the knot. Another rejection from a suitor proves to be the last straw for Saru, and she seeks the help of her neighbour Inder, whose girlfriend is a stylist and can help her glamourise her image. Inder’s girlfriend gets the wrong impression about them and to make matters worse, Saru’s parents see her together with Inder and disown her. This brings Saru and Inder closer to each other and he eventually falls in love with her. Another hurdle presents itself in the form of Saru’s big crush, Abhimanyu. Post her makeover, he is now back in the picture and proposes marriage, but stands her up on the day of the wedding because of her tarnished reputation. In her grief, Saru asks Inder to sleep with her in what was to be her honeymoon suite, to which he agrees, but the next morning he sees her embrace Abhimanyu. This breaks him. But his love for her is yet to face the final hurdle, one that will be the ultimate test.

Company Credits

Studio: Jhoom Jhoom Productions, Soham Rockstar Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Net: Rs 9.11 Crores

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