Phobia (2016)

27 May 2016 | 113 minutes | Drama | Thriller


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An agoraphobic woman who fears the outside world, must face her demons when she begins to feel unsafe even at home.



Mahek (Radhika Apte), is so ravaged by a traumatising incident from her past, that she is suffering from agoraphobia - fear of the outside world. When therapy doesn’t help, her doting friend Shaan (Satyadeep Mishra) gets her settled into an apartment where she can start anew and face her fears. However, her fears only multiply when she starts having hallucinations inside the house. Strange things happen & she is trapped between her phobia and the nagging sensation that something supernatural is occurring in the apartment.

Company Credits

Studio: Next Gen Films Production
Distributed By: Eros Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 2.5 Crores

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