Madaari (2016)

22 July 2016 | Drama

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To avenge the loss of his son, a common man turns kidnapper and goes on the run with the minister’s son as his hostage.




The home minister’s 10-yr-old son & only son has been kidnapped from his hostel. CBI officials lead by officer Nachiket (Jimmy Shergill), are scrambling for clues or a ransom call to put things in perspective. But, when it does happen, the kidnapper (Irrfan Khan) doesn’t demand money, instead he makes a curious request of the home minister — to get his son back, he must find his other son Apu first. It is soon revealed that the kidnapper is a common man looking to avenge the death of his son at the hands of corruption and powerful politicians.

Company Credits

Studio: Paramhans Creations, Dore Films, Saptarishi Films

Box Office

Net: Rs 16.8 Crores

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