Love Games (2016)

8 April 2016 | 114 minutes | Thriller


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A twisted tale of love and lust that involves two women, who are part of wife-swapping games, and their complexities and emotions involved in the act.



Ramona Patralekhaa), a ruthlessly manipulative social climber who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, is in a lust-driven relationship with Sam (Gaurav Arora). Fighting some demons and memories from his own past, Sam believes love is only a word and lust is all that counts. He revels in sex and drugs. Ramona and Sam decide to play silly love games that involve swapping partners. They target the most-in-love couple at rave parties and proceed to seduce the smitten twosome away from each other and into the wrong beds. Things turn even messier when one of the married women that Sam hits on at a party ends up being more than a one-night stand.  As Sam’s feelings for Alisha (Tara Alisha Berry) grow, he wants to wriggle out of his complex arrangement with the feisty Ramona. What is triggered, is a chain of events that lead to more temptation, obsession and sexual misadventures of dangerous love. How will this lust fuelled fury end?

Company Credits

Studio: Vishesh Films
Distributed By: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.35 Crores

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