Dangal (2016)

23 December 2016 | 160 minutes | Biography | Sport


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Based on the life of wrestling coach, Mahavir Singh Phogat, the film follows the life of a father who trains his two daughters for a competition. It also explores the relationship between the father and daughters.




Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) was forced to give up his wrestling ambitions for a more financially stable job. As a result, he was unable to win a gold medal - his biggest aspiration. In time, he trains his passion on the possibility of bringing up his son to fulfill his dreams. However, fate would have it that his wife gives birth to four daughters who are naturally reared for household chores. The game-changing moment happens when Mahavir’s older daughters Geeta and Babita, own up to having beaten up two village boys black and blue for having teased them. Instead of reprimanding them, it dawns on him to train his girls to be wrestlers! And so ensues the story of Geeta, the first woman wrestler to win a gold for India at the Commonwealth Games, and also the story of a father's determination to see his daughters to glory.

Company Credits

Studio: Aamir Khan Productions, Disney
Distributed By: Disney

Box Office

Net: Rs 387.38 Crores

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