Banjo (2016)

23 September 2016 | 138 minutes | Romance | Drama

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A foreigner, who comes to India on a mission to form a band with children from the slum, is joined by a local guy who eventually falls for her.



Kris (Nargis Fakhri), a musician based in New York, gets wind of a local band from Mumbai through a friend (Luke Kenny). She comes to the city to convince them to record two singles with her and participate in music festivals. On assignment in the slums of Dharavi, she meets Taraat (Riteish Deshmukh) and his friends, Grease (Dharmesh Yelande), Paper (Aditya Kumar) and Vajaya (Ram Menon), little knowing these are the band members she is looking for. Once she finds out and convinces them to join forces with her, other hurdles come their way in the form of a rival, the land mafia and a slimy studio manager.

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Studio: Eros Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros International

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Net: Rs 9 Crores

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