Akira (2016)

2 September 2016 | 137 minutes | Action | Thriller

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A small-town girl’s defiance proves a defining asset in her fight against bullies & corruption in the big city.




Akira Sharma (Sonakshi Sinha) is a small-town girl content with her life, that is, until, she helps the police nab one of two criminals involved in a foul incident of acid-throwing. Doing so, she incurs the wrath of the accomplice who attacks her and scars her face. Akira’s dad forces her to take self-defence classes, and when she later encounters the same criminals and beats them - their second attempt at throwing acid - this time on her - backfires. Unfortunately, Akira is accused of this crime and is sent to a juvenile home. Years later, toughened by her experiences, Akira is the talk of the college for her steely attitude. When she lands up crossing paths with cops on the wrong side of the law, can she punch her way out of this too?

Company Credits

Studio: A.R.Murugadoss Productions
Distributed By: Fox Star Studios

Box Office

Budget: Rs 35 Crores
Net: Rs 28.64 Crores

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