Airlift (2016)

22 January 2016 | 124 minutes | Action

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In the face of invasion, one man - Ranjit Katyal -becomes the hero for all the Indians in Kuwait, who will help them return safely to their motherland.




The plot is set in the troubled times of an invasion of Kuwait. While the influential people flee the city, the other residents find themselves constantly under a threat. Kuwait was home to more than 1 Lakh Indians who had seen prosperous days in a foreign land. Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) and his wife (Nimrat Kaur) are among the many people who call Kuwait home. However, Ranjit soon realises that his family is no longer safe in Kuwait, where all his influence cannot secure their future. He gathers fellow countrymen and devises a plan to ensure the safety of his family and the fellow Indians stranded in Kuwait. Before long, he becomes the face of the mission, which aims to rescue all the Indians caught in the war afflicted country. He must now lead the people to safety and reach Amman, Jordan from where the Indian authorities would be able to fly them back to safety. This is the story of a businessman, who takes on the role of a hero, when troubled times befall his countrymen.

Company Credits

Studio: Emmay Entertainment, Cape of Good Films, T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd., Abundantia Entertainment
Distributed By: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.

Box Office

Budget: Rs 40 Crores
Net: Rs 128.1 Crores

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