A Scandall (2016)

24 June 2016 | 111 minutes | Thriller


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A small film crew set out to Nainital, to investigate & document a supernatural murder mystery.


The death of a young girl in Nainital, due to drowning, and the subsequent depression and hallucinations her father Manav suffers from - claiming he sees her ghost- leads to the story turning into a much-talked-about supernatural mystery. So, when a budding filmmaker Vidhu (Johnny Baweja), gets wind of it through his girlfriend whose uncle is Manav, he sees it as the perfect material for an investigative documentary. Assembling a small crew, they head out to the couple’s house to set up their cameras and record any supernatural occurrences. What they do uncover, will be a whole lot more twisted than they expected.

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Studio: Let’s Ring the BBell Productions

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