The Perfect Girl (2015)

11 September 2015 | 97 minutes | Romance

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From being strangers to realising that they are perfect for each other, this is the journey of a guy and girl who couldn’t be together and cross paths years later.



Jay (Teeshay Shah) a man in his mid 30s, unmarried, a qualified doctor, quits his medicine career to be a filmmaker. He is always at locking horns with his parents, as his choices lead him nowhere in life. His mother, believes that marriage is a solution to all his problems. At a friend’s sleepover party, over a couple of drinks, Jay reveals that he hasn’t been involved in any relationship for the last 14 years, because he fell in love with a girl once, and cannot imagine himself with anyone else. Flashback follows, which reveals how Jay met a girl Vedika (Tara Alisha Berry) during a vacation in Goa. From being total strangers, they realise that they are perfect for each other. However, a turn of events take place, and they get separated. Whilst recalling all this, 14 years later, Jay and Vedika cross paths on a road. It takes a while for Jay to realise that it was the same girl he fell in love with years ago, who just passed by him. However before he could call her, she disappears in the crowd. Jay finds himself in a perplexed situation, trying to figure out his next step. Do Jay and Vedika meet again? Does Vedika remember Jay and still love him?

Company Credits

Studio: Creative Ocean Entertainment, Kathaa Animations Pvt. Ltd.

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