Tera Mera Tedha Medha (2015)

11 September 2015 | 108 minutes | Adult | Comedy


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The quirky love story of a female artist and her boyfriend, who can only draw nude portraits of females.


Shani (Rajesh Sharma) and Mangal (Chittaranjan Tripathy) are planets who explain that everything in life happens for a reason. In midst of this, they tell their freshly sourced targets are a couple, Rajan Jha (Rahul Bagga) and Kamini Gupta (Geetika Tyagi). Both of them are painters, however, with surprisingly distinctive attributes. Rajan can only paint nudes of a woman, even if it is Kamini’s, and courtesy of an owl that bit Kamini on one occasion, she has a poor eyesight during day and can see everything clearly in the night, when she makes her paintings. The couple endure an on-and-off relationship. Rajan also faces the fate of Shani and Mangal being dominant on several occasion. His Saturdays are always ill-fated. Rajan curses his fate time and time, and it is further evident, as on one occasion when he has broken up with Kamini, he is abducted by some people and they forcefully make him marry their sister. Rajan, somehow manages to escape and comes back to Kamini. They get back together and live in happiness. They have a couple as neighbors which includes a social activist Vinodini and his husband MS (Neeraj Sood), who is secretly gay and throws himself at men time and time. Kamini and Rajan go to a Tibetan therapist with a hope to get Kamini’s eyesight fixed, the therapist asks Kamini to stay in touch. Rajan and Kamini are very happy together and are living in bliss, until one day, when an argument between them gets heated up to an extent, that Kamini throws Rajan away from her house, eventually ending their relationship. She decides to leave for Malaysia and leaves Rajan a letter that she will never come back again. Heartbroken, Rajan goes to an isolated place mourning his break-up, where he meets Swati (Reema Worah) who is also mourning her break up with another guy. They fall for each other immediately. However, on different occasions, Rajan misses Kamini and realises that he still loves her. Soon, he makes himself firmly ready to paint a non-nude painting for an exhibition. He struggles a lot, but manages to create a work of art. Rajan’s painting is put in an exhibition, which catches the attention of a celebrated painter, Prabhudeva. He offers to come at his studio to see more of Rajan’s works. Rajan gets very excited and gives a nod, however, he doesn’t have works to put up and neither a studio. Rajan and Swati plan to make their home as a studio and get MS’s paintings without his knowledge. Swati also invites her father Satpal Popli (Sanjiv Chopra) who is a strict police officer and is known to be an encounter specialist. MS arrives at his place too, not knowing his furniture and paintings are being taken. The electricity goes out, and no one can see the other. A turn of events take place, to Rajan’s surprise, Kamini returns from Malaysia and comes at the scene. What happens when Kamini finds out about Rajan and Swati? How does MS react to his paintings and furniture being used? How does Satpal react to the arrival of Kamini?

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Studio: Nakshatra Cineaste Pvt. Ltd

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