Kuch Kuch Locha Hai (2015)

8 May 2015 | 144 minutes | Adult | Comedy


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A married womaniser seeks the help of his son and his girlfriend to woo a hot supermodel.


Praveen Patel (Ram Kapoor) is forty-five year old man who is unhappily married to Kokila Patel (Suchita Trivedi). And the cause for this unhappiness is the uninteresting sex life they share. Praveen has, although, found a solution for this problem: he dates younger women and indulges in short-spanned sexual encounters with them. He is currently smitten by international model Shanaya (Sunny Leone) and is constantly trying to woo her. After succeeding in meeting and even going on a date with her, Praveen understands that Shanaya is contemplating marriage. He also learns that she is looking for someone with an extended family so that she can enjoy the pleasures of living in a familial environment, which she couldn’t as a child. So in order to woo Shanaya, Praveen doesn’t disclose his marital status. Taking advantage of the situation, he coaxes his son Jigar (Navdeep Chhabra) to help him get laid. And if he succeeds in that, Praveen will ensure that Jigar gets married to their hot neighbour Naina (Evelyn Sharma). Together, Praveen, Jigar, and Naina masquerade as the members of an extended family so that Shanaya will accept Praveen’s marriage proposal.

Company Credits

Studio: Maximus Multimedia Pvt Ltd, Magic Pictures and Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.26 Crores

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