Katti Batti (2015)

18 September 2015 | 138 minutes | Romance | Comedy

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Payal, a free-spirited girl and Maddy, a conventional boy fall for each other and move in together. All hell breaks loose when Payal walks out after five years and Maddy is left to deal with people telling him that they she is not the one for him.


Madhav ‘Maddy’ Kabra (Imran Khan) is a square and sentimental guy who joins the Architecture College in Ahmedabad, where he meets Payal (Kangana Ranaut) and instantly gets attracted to her. With a chain of events passing by, Maddy and Payal grow real close to each other and Maddy confesses to Payal about his love. Payal loves Maddy but insists that she doesn’t want any serious relationship and would take it as a passing affair. They get into a relationship and also start living with each other. They are really happy with each other, until, one day, when Payal leaves Maddy forever. Maddy is stunned and shattered but believes Payal still loves him. meanwhile, he comes across Payal’s ex-boyfriend, Ricky (Vivan Bhatena) who also has a history with Maddy. After a brief conversation, Ricky tells Maddy that Payal was a ‘man-eater’ and that she has always been like that. Maddy is shocked to the core but somehow refuses to believe that Payal is never going to be back in his life ever again. Can Maddy prove everyone wrong by getting back with Payal?

Company Credits

Studio: Emmay Entertainment, UTV Motion Pictures
Distributed By: UTV Motion Pictures

Box Office

Budget: Rs 35 Crores
Net: Rs 27 Crores

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