Jazbaa (2015)

9 October 2015 | 119 minutes | Thriller

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When a successful lawyer’s daughter is kidnapped, she sets out on a journey to rescue her daughter, which threatens to engulf her in the world of crime.



Anuradha Verma (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) is one of the top notch lawyers in the city and is a single mother to a small girl, Sanaya (Sara Arjun). A tainted but good-natured cop Yohan (Irrfan Khan) is her close friend and confidant. She fights cases for high profile people and has rescued quite a few influential people. However, one day her life turns upside down when her daughter is kidnapped. In return for her daughter, the caller asks her to fight the case of a convicted rapist and murderer, Niyaz Sheikh (Chandan Roy Sanyal). Niyaz was accused of raping and killing Sia (Priya Banerjee) and was caught by Yohan. Anuradha sets out on a mission to uncover the truth and rescue her daughter but faces potential life threat. Yohan, finds out about this, and gets involved in the case. As the duo set out to find evidence, they stumble upon another suspect Sam (Siddhant Kapoor), who happens to be the son of the MP (Jackie Shroff). Meanwhile, Sia’s mother (Shabana Azmi) and her lawyer (Atul Kulkarni) try their best to get Niyaz the death sentence. Will Anuradha manage to rescue her daughter against all odds and finally uncover the truth about Sia’s killer?

Company Credits

Studio: Essel Vision Productions, Viiking Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd, White Feather Films

Box Office

Budget: Rs 33 Crores
Net: Rs 25.04 Crores

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