Jaanisar (2015)

7 August 2015 | 125 minutes | History | Romance | Drama

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The passionate love story of a patriotic courtesan and a westernized prince, which takes place amidst the nation's struggle for independence.



In the British-ruled India, a young girl in Awadh, named Noor (Pernia Qureshi) is a courtesan and a true patriot. During her spare time, she trains herself to fight the oppressors and wishes to see the day when her country would be free from the reigns of foreigners. Meanwhile, the King of Awadh, Ameer Haider (Imran Abbas), is a staunch supporter of the colonizers. He has been brought up by British royalty due to his parents’ loyalty towards the crown and hence possesses a strong sense of loyalty towards them. When he comes across Noor, he is immediately mesmerized by her dancing and singing. The smitten King soon finds out about her beliefs and his loyalty towards the crown starts wavering due to her questions. He finds himself torn between his loyalty towards the rulers and his new-found patriotism, ignited by Noor. Will the two lovers unite in their beliefs and thus embrace their love or will they drift apart, torn by their own beliefs?

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Studio: Kotwara Studios, SM Productions

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