Ishqedarriyaan (2015)

29 May 2015 | 132 minutes | Romance | Drama


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A young teacher on a quest to collect donations to fulfil her dream of opening a school is hindered by two young men - one who is in love with her and other, who she is in love with.


Agam Diwan (Mahaakshay Chakraborty) is a young millionaire who takes pride in his rags-to-riches success story. He is in love with Luvleen (Evelyn Sharma), an ambitious, caring teacher whose only aim in life is to open a school for poor children. Luvleen admires Agam for being a respectable businessman, but considers him only as a friend. She refuses his proposal to marry him because of her unfulfilled dream and the fact that she is in love with Arjun (Mohit Dutta), an aspiring musician. A devastated Agam, who used to brag about his success, now regrets being rich because he knows that Luvleen will never enter his luxurious life. But for the unconditional love he has for Luvleen, Agam decides to help her. When she refuses to accept his money, Agam tries to help Arjun climb the success ladder so that Luvleen can lead a happier life with Arjun. He befriends Arjun and tries to land him an album deal. Soon Agam realizes that he cannot suppress his feelings and blurts about it to Arjun, which not only creates a rift between Arjun and Luvleen, but also puts the friendly relation between Luvleen and Agam in danger.

Company Credits

Studio: Chariot Films, Metro Studios LLC (Georgia)

Box Office

Net: Rs 1.25 Crores

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