I Love NY (2015)

10 July 2015 | 137 minutes | Romance | Comedy


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A banker finds himself in the home of a musician after a New Year eve’s party. When he is unable to remember the events of the night, a string of comic events are unveiled that can change his life forever.


Randhir Singh (Sunny Deol) is a hard-working man who spends weekends in office and mostly eats take-out food. He stays in Chicago with his Papaji (Prem Chopra) and is in a relationship with Riya (Tannishtha Chatterjee), whom he considers to be the best girl for himself. On new year’s eve, he decides that it’s time to turn his life around and plans to change his habits. He also comes up with the plan of proposing to Riya. While rehearsing, Riya comes over to his place and in the confusion, Riya believes that he is giving her his house keys. The duo decide to spend their last new year’s eve, before the wedding, together and make plans for dinner. Meanwhile, Randhir decides to meet his friends at the health center like every new year’s eve. However, this time they get very drunk and instead of one his friends, Randhir ends up boarding a flight to New York. After landing at New York, Randhir, who is still very much drunk, asks a cab driver to take him home and gives him his address. On reaching the place, Randhir’s keys work on the lock of the flat 7A, which also happens to be his flat number in Chicago. Soon, he crashes on the bed and dozes off to sleep. Meanwhile, one of the housemates, Tikku Verma (Kangana Ranaut), a music teacher, comes back home and is surprised to find a stranger on her bed. She believes him to be her roommate’s boyfriend and tries to wake him up. Never having met the boyfriend before, she confuses him for the actual one. After much confusion, they both realize the mistake and Randhir tries his best to explain himself. Meanwhile, Tikku’s boyfriend, Ishaan (Navin Chowdhry), an ill-tempered man, walks in and is enraged by the sight of another man on his girlfriend's bed. After a huge fight, the couple clear their misunderstanding and Randhir walks out. While they plan to exchange rings, Randhir walks in again to borrow money since he has lost his wallet. Ishaan loses his temper and accuses Tikku of cheating on him. He walks out and leaves Tikku in tears. The kind-hearted Randhir cannot leave her alone and decides to console her. In the meantime, Tikku’s colleagues come in, expecting to congratulate the newly engaged couple. To save Tikku’s honour and pride, Randhir pretends to be Ishaan and they get engaged. When Randhir tries to call Riya, to explain the situation, she misunderstands him and breaks up with him. Randhir starts falling for Tikku and they seem to be having a good time when Ishaan comes back. Randhir and Ishaan end up fighting when the latter insults Tikku. The police happen to witness this and arrest both the guys. Tikku bails them out and takes a long walk to clear her head and realizes that she has started developing feelings for Randhir. However, snide remarks from Ishaan make her change her mind and she asks both the men to leave. She must now decide whether she wants to spend her life with a good man, whom she just met or the man she has known for a while but who insults her at every given opportunity.

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Studio: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.
Distributed By: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.

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Net: Rs 1.53 Crores

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