Hunterrr (2015)

20 March 2015 | 129 minutes | Adult | Comedy


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The story of an ordinary guy who is a sex addict, and is faced with a dilemma when he falls in love.


Mandar Ponkshe (Gulshan Devaiah) is the most eligible bachelor in his group of wannabes. While every other guy in his group is trying to settle down, Mandar is still busy chasing skirt. Estranged by his family, Mandar dreams all day about scoring girls. He fantasizes about making love to women who often ignore his strong perversion. Mandar becomes infamous for his carefree ways and as is labeled a sex addict by his locality. During one of his daily ogling sessions, Mandar meets a girl who is seemingly perfect. He tries to pursue her, giving out sexual innuendos, but is severely reprimanded. Although he never chases a girl who fights back, this time around Mandar realises that he has developed strong feelings for her. Unable to stop thinking about her, he starts following her. A determined Mandar reveals the issue to his friends who warn him that love and sex addiction don’t go hand in hand. He now has to find a way to quit his addiction, grow up and chase the girl of his dreams.

Company Credits

Studio: Phantom Productions, FALCO, Tailor Made Films
Distributed By: Shemaroo Entertainment

Box Office

Budget: Rs 9 Crores
Net: Rs 13.63 Crores

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