Hey Bro (2015)

6 March 2015 | 113 minutes | Comedy

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A guy sets out in search of his twin brother who was separated during their birth.



Gopi (Ganesh Acharya) is a young, happy-go-lucky guy who spends his time lolling around with his equally carefree grandfather (Prem Chopra). Having overcome his overweight issues, Gopi shares everything with his grandfather. During one such candid chat, his grandfather accidentally tells him about his mother and that she resides in Mumbai with her second son. Gopi takes this news rather happily, and sets out to Mumbai in search of his brother. Guessing his brother to be exactly like him in appearance, Gopi meets his mother hoping to change his uneventful life. She reluctantly introduces him to Shiv (Maninder Singh), a no-nonsense cop, who takes the news with a pinch of salt. A startled Shiv refuses to accept Gopi as his twin-brother, because he blames Gopi for their parents’ separation. Gopi’s mother persuades him to go back, but Gopi sees it as a challenge and tries to win back his brother. Gopi takes advantage of Shiv’s latest case where he is on the lookout for a gangster named Baba (Hanif Hilal) whom Gopi knows through his friends.

Company Credits

Studio: Pushpa Krishna Creations

Box Office

Net: Rs 1.26 Crores

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