Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015)

12 June 2015 | 129 minutes | Romance | Drama


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A woman finds love in another man after her abusive husband disappears. Things take a nasty turn when he comes back and claims her as his own.



Vasudha (Vidya Balan) is a single mother of a five year old and works hard as a florist to run the household. Her husband, Hari (Rajkumar Rao), has been missing for five years and she has been waiting patiently for him to come home. She also works as a floral arranger at hotels and during one of these visits to a posh hotel she comes across Aarav Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi). Aarav happens to conduct a mock fire drill on a day when Vasudha is visiting. All his employees flee the scene but Vasudha comes back to save him. Impressed by her courage, he offers her a job in Dubai but she turns down the offer. Meanwhile the police inform her that Hari is part of a terrorist group and has killed five American journalists. Fearing for her son’s safety she decides to take up Aarav’s offer. Aarav starts interacting with her and soon finds himself falling for her. He is well aware of her past and yet proposes to her. She refuses his proposal but he manages to convince her to meet his mother, whom he greatly admires. After meeting Aarav’s mother, she changes her mind and accepts Aarav’s proposal. The two lovers start spending time together and Vasudha seems to be finally happy. However, their happiness is short lived. One day Vasudha comes back home to find Hari waiting for her. She tells him about Aarav and hands him the divorce papers. An infuriated Hari storms out of the house and is soon captured by the police. In the meanwhile, Vasudha finds out that Hari is innocent and pleads with Aarav to save him. When Aarav goes to bail him out, he is shocked to know that Hari has confessed to all the crimes. He figures that he does it only to make Vasudha feel guilty. His plan works and Vasudha refuses to marry him since she believes that Hari is sacrificing himself for them. Aarav now sets out to prove Hari’s innocence. Will he succeed and be united with Vasudha?

Company Credits

Studio: Vishesh Films
Distributed By: Fox Star Studios

Box Office

Budget: Rs 45 Crores
Net: Rs 37.57 Crores

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