Guddu Ki Gun (2015)

30 October 2015 | 130 minutes | Comedy


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A casanova salesman's life is changed forever when the media and local goons start looking for him and his 'golden gun'.


A casanova free spirited detergent powder salesman Govardhan aka Guddu (Kunal Khemu) who lives with his pirated DVD seller roommate friend, Laddu (Sumeet Vyas) is very successful at his job owing to his charm with which he woos over numerous women, has sex with them and moves on. Things take a whirlwind turn when one morning he wakes up to find his erected penis turned into metal gold. After a brief search he finds out that it happened due to the curse of the grandfather of one girl, Bholi (Aparna Sharma) with whom Guddu slept and ditched her leaving her heartbroken. Now Guddu has only one way to get his penis normal again, and that is when he meets a woman with whom he has to fall in true love and not for beauty or physical pleasure along with marrying her. On the run from goons of Don Marwadi (Jameel Khan), Antique and from a reporter who are chasing him to capture the golden penis, he meets an unattractive nerdy woman, Kaali (Payel Sarkar) and instantly his penis goes back to normal. Guddu realises she is the one and must now try to woo her which is a difficult task as she is slated to marry someone else. In a turmoil of events, Guddu and Laddu chase the goons who cut away his golden penis, kidnap Kaali and try striking deals. Will Guddu get his penis fixed again? Will Bholi forgive her and let the curse be revoked? Will Guddu and Kaali be together?

Company Credits

Studio: Emenox Media

Box Office

Net: Rs 2 Crores

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