Gurudakshina (2015)

17 April 2015 | 140 minutes | Thriller


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In the city of joy, a young orphan is brought up under a renowned dancer. As he grows up, he must offer the customary gurudakshina amidst political upheaval, his love and a group of people who want to finish him.


Dev (Rajeev Govinda Pillai) is an orphaned boy with amazing dancing skills which is sighted by Guruji (Girish Karnad) and he takes him under his wings. Dev falls in love with Guruji's daughter, Sanjukta (Sulagna Panigrahi), however she doesn’t pay attention to him only to be seduced by a Chhau dancer, Gambhira (Rajesh Shringarpure). Sanjukta goes against her father and Dev and secretly marries Gambhira. However, turns out, Gambhira is a naxalite and was suspected about his intent by Dev and had warned Sanjukta. He starts showing his true colors and begins ruining the lives of his wife and Guruji. With hopes on Dev, an accident takes Dev to Himachal Pradesh. Will Guruji and Sanjukta find a way to escape Gambhira’s atrocities? Will Dev come back to avenge the torture done on Guruji?

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Studio: Moonwalk Production

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Net: Rs 0.01 Crores

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