Dolly Ki Doli (2015)

23 January 2015 | 140 minutes | Comedy

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A con woman, masquerading as an eligible bride, engages in a nationwide fraud, robbing men and their families off money and valuables.



Dolly (Sonam Kapoor) is a notorious con woman who steals from needy men by pretending to be an eligible bride. Assisting heract are her friends, who get into character too, playing Dolly’s parents.Her fake brother (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) first selects a potential groom. After Dolly’s approval, the team get to work painting a picture of the perfect bride. Under this ploy, they con a Punjabi mumma’s boy Manjot (Varun Sharma) and innocent lover Sonu (Rajkummar Rao). When news of this goespublic, Dolly changes her name to Mumtaz to prevent being caught. The team travels to their next location, Lucknow.In Lucknow, they select the son (Saif Ali Khan) of a rich nawab. But it is only later that they realize that the nawab is actually working with police officer (Pulkit Sharma) and his two new friends, Manjot and Sonu.

Company Credits

Studio: Arbaaz Khan Productions, Kinesis Films

Box Office

Net: Rs 19.26 Crores

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