Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein (2015)

6 November 2015 | 112 minutes | Crime | Mystery | Thriller


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A police officer has to solve a murder and a drug deal, based on a video, before they outsmart him and make him a target.


Senior Inspector Sanket (Naseeruddin Shah), Inspector Sameera (Auroshikha Dey) and Ravi (Sandeep Vasudevan) are pounded with a case of four deaths found in a room along with filmed footage of approximately fifty mins. They decide to see the whole footage in order to understand the depth of the case and the killer. The footage consisted of a group of free spirited friends, Samuel aka Sam (Amit Sial), Deepak aka Dips (Anand Tiwari), Nina (Manasi Rachh), Patty (Aanchal Nandrajog) and Jeevan aka Jeeves (Nishant Lal) who are massively involved in alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Things take a whirlwind turn when one bar fight between Sam and Raahil (Sanam Singh Talwar) leads into a major issue which also involves Hera (Disha Arora) resulting in the accidental death of Raahil. After watching the footage and capturing Sohail (Subrat Dutta) who is an important link to Hera they interrogate him getting enlightened with a lot of unknown facts and theories, which leave the police more convoluted and are unable to find the right reason behind all the turmoil. On a parallel story, a man named Hussain is killed by a mysterious killer and after further analysis it is discovered that murder finds a very important link to this case. A huge whammy is revealed when Sohail is left free after investigation and Inspector Sanket follows him. With Sam, Nina, Patty and Jeeves being the four people found dead, Dips and Hera are still missing. Who is the mastermind behind all these killings? What happens to Dips and Hera? What is the true purpose of all this?

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Studio: 7 Studio Picture, High Ground Enterprise Ltd

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