Chaar Cutting (2015)

29 May 2015 | 77 minutes | Comedy | Drama | Romance | Thriller


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Chaar Cutting is an anthology of four short films that deal with different issues. While two plots are set in rural India, the other two are based in a more urban setting.


Bawdi: A small village in Rajasthan is afflicted by the shortage of water in the village. To make matters worse, a cola company sets up a factory close to the village. The operations of the factory make life worse for the residents of the village. Acute deficiency of water, has forced the villagers to marry their daughters into different villages so as not to add to the already-parched throats of the village. It is under these circumstances that the protagonists (Priyanshu Painyuli and Sonal Joshi) fall in love. The match is opposed by his father (Uday Chandra) who cites the traditions of the village. The hero faces a dilemma when he has to choose between the community that has been his life and the woman he loves. Skin Deep: Young lovers (Naveen Kasturia and Aditi Vasudev) are excited about consummating their love. However, while making love, he discovers that his extra foreskin is an obstacle to their having sex. The couple’s families oppose the match but the passionate lovers decide to elope. He decides to undergo circumcision to get rid of the foreskin and the girl insists on the operation before they elope. What happens next might change their lives forever. Blouse: A young school Masterji (Sumeet Vyas) and his newly-wedded wife (Preeti Sharma) are madly in love. When the master goes to an adjoining village to teach for a few months, his wife is heart-broken since he would be missing their first ‘Karvachauth’. To appease his wife, the master asks her to choose any gift for herself. The wife decides that she wants a blouse stitched by a famous tailor, named Babu Darji (Imran Rasheed), who stays in the village the master visits. However, the master remembers later that he has forgotten to carry a sample with him. Determined not to disappoint his wife, he sets out on a journey to find a woman who closely resembles his wife in stature, so that the tailor may take her measurements. Manila Running: Jacques (Olivier Borten) visits Manila, Phillipines in search of something important. His journey takes him through a series of unfortunate events. What is Jacques looking for in the busy streets of Manila that he risks his life and runs from place to place, evading thugs and gun men?

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