Calendar Girls (2015)

25 September 2015 | 131 minutes | Drama


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After a swimsuit calendar shoot, five models rise to the top only to struggle with their new-found fame and the atrocities of the industry.



Nandita Menon (Akanksha Puri) from Hyderabad, Sharon Pinto (Kyra Dutt) from Goa, Mayuri Chauhan (Ruhi Singh) from Rohtak, Paroma Ghosh (Satarupa Pyne) from Kolkata and Nazneen Malik (Avani Modi) from Lahore are the selected models for industrialist Kumar’s (Suhel Seth) dream project - an annual calendar. Fighting against all odds and escaping the stifling lives are what these girls have in common with each other. As they rise in the world of glamour, they begin to face the problems of the industry and get a taste of the darker side. Paroma meets her long-time boyfriend Pinaki (Keith Sequeira) and falls in love all over again. However, he involves her in match-fixing and uses her as a bait. Meanwhile, Nazneen faces trouble when she is forced to return the signing amount of a film and she becomes a high-class escort to maintain her lifestyle. Sharon, also faces trouble, when she slaps the agency’s owner due to nasty remarks on his part and is banned from the advertising world. Nandita quits her career and gets married to a wealthy man. Mayuri carves a place for herself in the film industry but is eager for good opportunities where she can showcase her talent instead of being an eye-candy. What fate awaits these five girls and how do they overcome the hurdles that accompanied their success?

Company Credits

Studio: Mangal Murti Films Pvt Ltd, Bhandarkar Entertainment

Box Office

Budget: Rs 13.5 Crores
Net: Rs 4.96 Crores

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