Brothers (2015)

14 August 2015 | 159 minutes | Sport | Drama

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When a family is torn apart by an incident, the two brothers part ways, only to meet years later in a fighting tournament, where they must confront their past to decide the course of their future.



Gary Fernandes (Jackie Shroff) is a street fighter, who spends whatever little money he earns, on drinks. He is married to Maria (Shefali Shah) and they have two sons - the younger one of whom is an illegitimate son of Gary’s. The two boys however harbour a close relationship and the elder looks after the younger one. However, one day tragedy strikes due to Gary’s alcoholic nature and he is sent to jail. Years later, when he is set free, he realizes that everything has changed. David (Akshay Kumar), his elder son, has abandoned the younger one, Monty (Sidharth Malhotra). Monty too resents his elder brother and they don’t see eye to eye. David is a physics teacher and is happily married with a kid. When his daughter falls ill, he realizes that his salary won’t be enough to save her life. So he participates in an international fighting competition with a big prize money, unaware that he would have to face none other than his own brother in the arena.

Company Credits

Studio: Dharma Productions
Distributed By: Fox Star Studios

Box Office

Budget: Rs 90 Crores
Net: Rs 82.47 Crores

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