Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

17 July 2015 | 163 minutes | Social | Drama

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A mute girl from Pakistan finds herself lost in a foreign land - India. Here, she meets a man with a larger-than-life spirit who takes it on himself to reunite her with her family.



Shahida (Harshali Malhotra) is a six year old speech impaired girl, who resides in a remote village in Pakistan. Due to her inability to speak, she runs into trouble at times and this keeps her parents worried. On one particular occasion, she falls off a cliff while chasing a broken toy, which was rolling down the mountains. When her parents finally come to the spot, they find her hanging precariously from a branch. Her grandfather suggests taking her to a famous dargha in Delhi, where she can be cured. After much contemplation, her mother decides to take her as her father won’t be given a visa due to his early years in the army. The mother-daughter duo visit Delhi and board the train to go back. On their way back, the train stops just before the border and they fall asleep. Shahida is woken up by a bleating lamb, which is stuck in a ditch. She alights and helps it. Meanwhile, the train starts to move and she is unable to catch up. She boards the next train, which takes her further away and she lands up in Kurukshetra. When her mother wakes up and starts looking, it is too late and she is not allowed to go back. In Kurukshetra, celebrations are in full swing, where people are singing and dancing around a gigantic statue of Hanumanji. The little girl happens to catch a glimpse of a man, Pawan (Salman Khan), who seems to be the centre of attraction, singing praises for the God. She follows him to a local eatery, where he offers her food, believing her to be lost. When she refuses to leave his side, he takes her to police stations and famous places in the town, where her parents might be looking for her. Unable to find a proper place for her, he takes her with him to his father’s friend’s home. Everyone tries to guess her hometown but in vain. Finally, while watching a cricket match, she goes to the screen and kisses the Pakistani flag. A bewildered Pawan realizes that she is from the neighbouring country and tries to look for ways to send her home but fails every time. Lost in a country without any documents, the little girl only has Pawan, who then takes it upon himself to take her home. Will one man be able to fight against the country’s police and take the little girl home while making sure that he has a way of going back to India?

Company Credits

Studio: Salman Khan Films
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Budget: Rs 90 Crores
Net: Rs 320.49 Crores

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