Badmashiyaan (2015)

6 March 2015 | 129 minutes | Romance | Comedy

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A guy tries to track down his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend who also happens to be a ruthless gangster.


Dev (Siddhant Gupta) is a twenty-something entrepreneur who runs his own cafe in Chandigarh. Away from his parents, he leads a normal life, occasionally hanging out with his friends. Dev is smitten by one of his patrons - fashionista Nari (Suzanna Mukherjee) - and regularly offers her free meals, hoping to spark a connection. Nari reciprocates Dev’s feelings for her, and they soon start dating. Few months later, deciding that Nari is the girl of his dreams and not realising that she is actually a gold digger, Dev tries to pop the question. Seeing this proposal coming, Nari leaves the town. A heartbroken Dev mourns Nari’s unceremonious departure. He finds solace in his taciturn neighbour Palak (Gunjan Malhotra). But at the same time, Dev tries to track down Nari, hoping to avenge his unrequited love. Helping him in this plan is his friend Pinkesh (Karan Mehra) who calls himself a private investigator.

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Studio: VRG Motion Pictures

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Net: Rs 0.69 Crores

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