Baby (2015)

23 January 2015 | 159 minutes | Action | Thriller

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A secret, expendable operations squad is sent on a covert, surgical mission to the highly secure country of Saudi Arabia.



Ajay Rajput (Akshay Kumar), a secret Indian operations officer, and his team, manage to stop a bomb from blasting in a Turkey mall. Upon further investigation, they find out that it was only the first in a series of massive attacks masterminded by notorious preacher terrorist Maulana (Rasheed Naz) and his henchman Bilal (Kay Kay Menon). Upon this startling revelation about a global terror scheme, Feroz (Denzongpa), head of India’s Defense Ministry, quickly scrambles a team of his best officers and sends them on a hunt for Maulana and Bilal’s known couriers and helpers in India and elsewhere. Feroz’s team flies to Nepal and begin their investigation. They extract information from a realty agent Wasim Khan (Sushant Singh) who had initially helped Bilal get out of jail in Mumbai. After a successful hunt, Ajay and his team zero in on Bilal’s whereabouts in Saudi Arabia. Citing that the country is a close ally, India’s Prime Minister refuses to allow permission for a surgical operation. Wary of sharing valuable intel with the Saudi Arabians, Feroz takes the matter in his own hands. He has to find the best men in the service who will not only enter the country without notice, but also successfully extract information from Bilal before terminating him.

Company Credits

Studio: Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures, Friday Filmworks, T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.
Distributed By: T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.

Box Office

Budget: Rs 60 Crores
Net: Rs 95.56 Crores

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