7 Hours To Go (2015)

24 June 2016 | 114 minutes | Action | Thriller

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The sole witness to a brutal murder holds seven people hostage to buy himself 7 hours to crack the crime & exonerate himself.



Arjun (Shiv Pandit) is in Mumbai to visit his fiancé Maya. He reaches the city court where they are supposed to meet and is surprised that there is no sign of her. In his attempt to establish her whereabouts, something unexpected happens - he witnesses a murder. Now, he has to think quickly - as he might be framed for the murder - and come up with a plan. In a frantic move he takes passersby as hostages, giving cops an ultimatum of 7 hours to find the real killer or else he will kill them one by one. The clock is now ticking.

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Studio: Krian Media

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