Zed Plus (2014)

28 November 2014 | 140 minutes | Drama

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The Prime Minister of India visits a shrine in a small village of Rajasthan, in an absurd bid to save the government there from collapsing.



The Prime Minister of India is consulted by his team to visit a luck-producing shrine in a small village in Rajasthan to save the government from collapsing. Maddened by such silly advice but at the same time agitated by the nation’s poor conditions, the PM agrees to visit the shrine which is popularly known as Peepal Wale Peer Ki Dargah.When the news of the PM coming to their village breaks out, its inhabitants grow jubilant and prepare to give a warm welcome to the man they think to be their God.

Company Credits

Studio: Mukund Purohit Production Pvt. Ltd, Wisdomtree Productions Pvt. Ltd

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