Youngistaan (2014)

28 March 2014 | 133 minutes | Drama

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Video game designer Abhimanyu sees his simple life take a big turn when he is sworn in to his father's post as Prime Minister of India after the latter's sudden death.


Japan-based video game designer Abhimanyu Kaul (Jackky Bhanani) loves to live in the fast-lane. He spends his time and money drifting away in the exotic night-life of Tokyo, partying with his best friend and lover (Neha Sharma). He is also the only son of the Prime Minister of India (Boman Irani). When an ailing PM suddenly succumbs to his diseases, Abhimanyu is selected as his successor, owing to protocol. He is assisted by his late father's assistant Akbar (Farooq Shaikh) as he discovers the roots of governance. Trying to set the country's politics right, Abhimanyu soon learns the language of administration and tries to steer the PM's office. Abstaining from his petty free-wheeling life, he dives deeper and earmarks few positions and ministries as the rotten apples of the basket. Soon after realising that his nomination for the PM was actually a plot by these rotten apples to use him as a puppet, India's youngest PM harnesses the power of youth to bring reforms in his country.

Company Credits

Studio: Pooja Entertainment India Ltd.
Distributed By: MSM Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 6.91 Crores

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