The Xposé (2014)

16 May 2014 | 113 minutes | Mystery

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The whole cast and crew of a film is held in suspicion when the lead actress of the film is killed during its release party.


Ravi Kumar (Himesh Reshammiya) is an ex-policeman and an established but arrogant actor famous in the south film industry. He is cast in a Bollywood film by yesteryear director Subba Prasad (Anant Mahadevan). He has also cast two debutantes Zara Peter Fernandes (Sonali Raut) & Chandni Raza (Zoya Afroz) who live together. Subba is dominated over the film's technicalities by Ravi who has a crush on Chandni. Zara is jealous of this fact and takes up racy roles in other films to charm Ravi, but in vain. The film's music director Kenny Damania aka KD (Yo Yo Honey Singh) instead falls for Zara's hotness and courts her secretly because of his engagement to a big time producer. When the film hits the theatres, Subba organises a party where Chandni and Zara get into an altercation. Zara openly derides about the film and calls Chandni a slut for having many relationships at once. Later during the party, KD and Zara engage in a cuddle when his fiancee walks their way. Zara accidentally slips and falls off the terrace but holds on to a railing. Out of anger, Subba pushes her. There is no clear evidence of the actual killer, and everyone is taken to court. What ensues is a sequence of lies and deception, driven by ulterior motives.

Company Credits

Studio: AA Films
Distributed By: HR Musik Limited

Box Office

Net: Rs 22.77 Crores

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