One by Two (2014)

31 January 2014 | 139 minutes | Romance | Comedy

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Two young people, an aspiring musician and a dance fanatic, from different backgrounds meet by chance. Or is it destiny?



Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) leads a boring life with no ambition. He complains of his mundane days that start and end on the same monotonous note. His mother (Rati Agnihotri) forces him to add spice to life with marriage while his girlfriend just dumped him for being uninteresting. With no purpose in life, he becomes a wanderer. Samara (Preeti Desai) is a smart, witty singleton who enjoys her life to the fullest. She is aspiring to become a dancer by winning a reality contest. With help from her mother (Lillete Dubey), she is confident of her feat. Amit & Samara meet each other in unusual circumstances. But every time they do, the fail to connect or talk. Waiting their lucks to take effect, they finally connect.

Company Credits

Studio: VB Pictures, Viacom18 Motion Pictures
Distributed By: VB Pictures, Viacom18 Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 2.63 Crores

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