Mastram (2014)

9 May 2014 | 98 minutes | Adult | Comedy


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An aspiring writer tries his hand at adult comics and gets obsessed by their overnight popularity.


Rajaram (Rahul Bagga), a struggling writer, works as a clerk in a local bank in Himachal Pradesh. His friend (Istiyak Khan) introduces him to a local children's book publisher. Forced by his ageing father, he marries Renu (Tara-Alisha Berry). The publisher rejects his stories stating lack of masala in them. Inspired by an adult movie poster, Rajaram then tweaks the stories into pornographic episodes. The publisher prints them. The comics, only known as Mastram, become a sudden hit among school kids and adults alike. He continues to write secretly, lying to his wife, friends and relatives that he is the author of books that only sell in Delhi. With increasing demand for latest graphic comics in the market, Mastram’s sales drop. Troubled and lost, Rajaram gasps for new ideas to regain his anonymous glory. A worried Renu appoints his friend to spy on Rajaram. When everyone learns he was behind the sleazy Mastram comics, they snub him.

Company Credits

Studio: Jar Pictures
Distributed By: Bohra Bros Pvt. Ltd.

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.35 Crores

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