Mary Kom (2014)

5 September 2014 | 122 minutes | Biography | Sport


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The inspiring, true story of five-time female World Boxing Champion and Olympic bronze medalist M C Mary Kom.



Mangte Chungeijang Kom (Priyanka Chopra) is the daughter of a Manipuri farmer who is fascinated by the sport of boxing. Unknown to her father, she often skips hours of school and tries her hand at street-fighting. Silently quenching her thirst to practice boxing as a hobby, she meets Coach Narjit Singh (Sunil Thapa) at a local club. When Mangte requests him to coach her, he puts her into test and eventually agrees. Months later, Mangte, now rechristened by her coach as Mary Kom, participates in her first Championship title and strikes gold. Learning about his daughter’s silly, non-feminine escapade, her father disowns her, but she gathers a truckload of fans in her village. Unperturbed by the broken relationship with her father, Mary Kom continues to work harder. And when good friend Onler Kom (Darshan Kumar) asks her to marry him, she kindly obliges. Two years later, after bearing twins with Onler, Mary decides to bounce back to the world of boxing because of her vanishing fame. Coached harder by Narjit, Mary Kom goes on to win the Women's World Amateur Boxing Championships, which paves her way for the Olympics.

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Studio: SLB Films
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Net: Rs 56.5 Crores

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