Mardaani (2014)

18 July 2014 | 113 minutes | Crime | Thriller


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A female cop while trying to save a girl from her kidnappers stumbles upon a worldwide network of human trafficking



Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukherji) is a brave police officer living in Mumbai with her husband and a daughter. When her daughter’s friend Pyaari (Priyanka Sharma) is abducted, she traces her last known whereabouts. Detecting Shivani’s surveillance, Karan (Tahir Bhasin), the head of a human trafficking cartel who had kidnapped Pyaari, quietly warns Shivani to stop pursuing him. Undeterred, Shivani sends two Nigerian decoys to Karan to sell a rare drug product. However, Karan is warned by his mentor Wakil (Anil George). In a shootout, Wakil is killed by Shivani but Karan manages to escape. Now searching for Karan, Shivani looks for his house in Delhi. Unknown to the trap she is heading to, Shivani has to brave the odds to save the innocent girls from Karan’s clutches.

Company Credits

Studio: Yash Raj Films
Distributed By: Yash Raj Films

Box Office

Net: Rs 35.82 Crores

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