Kya Dilli Kya Lahore (2014)

2 May 2014 | 100 minutes | Drama

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An Indian soldier of Pakistani origin and a Pakistani soldier of Indian origin talk about their respective lives as they engage in a cross-fire in an isolated area in the Indo-Pak border.



In a post-partition war in 1948, Rehmat Ali (Vijay Raaz), the only survivor of a Pakistani battalion, is ordered by his wounded captain to go to the Indian post and retrieve blueprints of an underground tunnel that India is building from Delhi to Lahore. A timorous Rehmat manages to reach the post which is guarded by a lone soldier Samarth Pratap Shastri (Manu Rishi), a cook in the Indian army. Samarth refuses to bulge as Rehmat starts narrating stories about his nation. Samarth joins him and they both start taking potshots at each other. They learn that they both once shared the same locality in Pakistan and culture and it was because of the separation in 1947 that they are now fighting against each other. A sense of brotherhood emerges between them, which is soon faded by Barfi Singh (Raj Zutshi), who thinks of Samarth as a traitor for letting Rehmat live. A fight breaks out between the survivors which leads to a grave reality about border conflicts.

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Studio: High Ground Enterprise Ltd, Picture Thoughts Production

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