Jai Ho (2014)

24 January 2014 | 135 minutes | Action | Social

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An ex-army officer devises a plan to spread love by asking people to help three people in return for receiving help, in the hopes of changing people's attitudes towards their community.



Jai (Salman Khan) is a courageous ex-army officer who was dismissed for not listening to his head's instructions and instead saving a bunch of children from armed terrorists. After helping a handicapped girl write her exams, he realises that people do not help each other enough and tend to take everything for granted. After the girl he helped commits suicides, his anger drives him to avenge her death by attacking people who are responsible for the major crimes in the city. Fighting his way up, he confronts Home Minister Dashrat Singh (Danny Denzongpa) who tries to kill the CM and frame Jai for the murder. Aware of his sinister plan, Jai takes on Dashrat single-handedly, killing every person on his way, thus eliminating the evil from the city and advertises his plan of helping three people in return for the help they receive.

Company Credits

Studio: Sohail Khan Productions
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Net: Rs 116 Crores

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