Haider (2014)

2 October 2014 | 124 minutes | Thriller | Drama

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A young man comes home only to find his father missing. With his uncle and mother as suspects, he loses his mind and vows to find out the truth and punish the guilty.




A doctor Hilaal Meer (Narendra Jha), during the kashmir conflict, agrees to perform an operation on a member of the enemy camp. To avoid being captured, he performs the operation at home. However his people find out the truth and take him away, marking him as a traitor. When his son Haider (Shahid Kapoor), comes back, he finds his mother Ghazala (Tabu) laughing with his uncle Khurram (Kay Kay Menon). Meanwhile, he comes across Roohdaar (Irrfan Khan) who tells him that Khurram is responsible for his father’s death. Khurram tells him that Roohdaar is the guilty one. Confused and angry, he starts to lose his mind, and goes on a rampage to avenge his father’s death. Will he find out the truth before innocent lives are lost?

Company Credits

Studio: Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures Pvt Ltd
Distributed By: UTV Motion Pictures

Box Office

Net: Rs 56.09 Crores

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